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When talking to teens, it becomes evident that most of them desire the same things in life: success, respect, health, wealth and meaningful relationships. However, where many of them differ is in their perception of how to obtain the success they desire. The responsible social values of delayed gratification, mutual respect, integrity, work ethic, perseverance, and self-control that used to be seen as the “common sense” traits necessary to achieve these goals, are no longer portrayed as such by popular culture.  While it is great to encourage students to set goals, it is just as important in today’s society to teach them that they can not simply choose their futures- they can only choose the HABITS that form them. This is why character is not merely assumed, but taught and modeled in every Common Sense Culture class.

There are many paths that we can choose on our way to achieving our goals, but research has proven that the students who eventually make it, are the ones who have the best guides (parents, teachers, coaches…). Good guides do not simply tell us our options. The value of a true guide is in their wisdom and ability to help us evaluate the various risk factors, equip us for the journey and direct us to the best route to our destination. Simply put, some paths are just better than others, and the goal of the Common Sense Culture Program is to help students make choices that MAKE SENSE and are in-line with the goals they’ve set for themselves.


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Matt Hazelwood, SRAS*

Matt is a CSC Director, with a passion for empowering young people. In the past 8 years being involved in youth development, Matt's passion has been to equip young people with the soft skills to have sustainable and healthy relationships. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio Matt and his “High School Sweetheart” bride of 10 years have two daughters and a son. His fun and energetic personality makes him a magnet for kids and he always leaves a positive and lasting impression on them.

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Tammy Margeson

Tammy is the CSC Program Coordinator and the brains of the entire operation. In addition to being a secret agent, she meticulously manages the program schedule and all grant requirements.

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McFadden, SRAS*

John is a CSC Educator who has spent over 15 years in youth development speaking wisdom, coaching, mentoring, and encouraging youth to do better and be better to get the results they’ve dreamed of achieving. John is married to his wife, Ty, with whom they have five children. 

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Kress, SRAS*

Karoline is a CSC Educator with a heart for guiding youth to be their best selves. A recent graduate of the Ohio State University, she enjoys spending time with her family and cheering on the buckeyes

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Natiya Mcfadden, SRAS*

Ty is a CSC Educator and who enjoys empowering teens and families to love and laugh together while learning to live with one another. From her time of being an unruly teen, she has learned to relate to and share her compassion with young people everywhere. Ty is a wife and mother of five beautiful children.

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